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Social Media Management

Our team of highly experienced Social Media Managers are ready to help you take your brand to the next level by engaging your customers and increasing your brand reach.

Website Design

We have a goal to help as many people as possible take hold of their digital presence. To this end, we can help you design effective websites to put you right where you deserve on the internet.

Content Marketing

When it comes to SEO and content marketing, we are the king. We dont only train, we also help our clients craft amazingly optimised content that would keep their followers asking for m.ore

One-on-One Coaching​

We pride ourselves in being a business that touches the heart of every of our customers, hence we also offer executive one-on-one sessions where our clients can have that extra touch

Team sessions

We also have sessions specially designed for teams in order to help them get the best out of working together. We are very dynamic in our approach to team building and management.

Events & Trainings

We organise and train at several events across the globe, if you wish to invite us to your event orpartner with us in our events, dont hesitate.

digital marketing training

We train several individuals and organisations on different digital marketing modules to help boost brand engagement and appreciation.

leadership training

Leadership is the most important skill once you start to manage people other than yourself, be equipped with the necessary tools to make the best out of it.

web design trainings

The world is a global village and as such we have a mission to train people on web design (with particular interest on wordpress) in order to help African have a competitive advantage the world over.

about Us

we change narratives

Generations Dreams is a Leadership & E-business Consulting Firm. We train teenagers, youths, employees and startup entrepreneurs on how to build effective leadership systems and how to maximise online channels to boost their brands.

We have 2 brands under Generations Dreams. The first is ‘The Inspired Dream’ which is a brand story-telling outfit that uses content marketing to help brands get found of search engines. We also use digital marketing channels to help brands reach their ideal audiences. 

Our second brand is called ‘Discovery Teens’. Here, we discover teenagers early and empower them with skills that would help them stand out. Our goal is to train 1 million teenagers on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and ICT skills by 2030 in line with the UN SDGs number 4 and 8.

“I am committed to helping our clients build a deep connection with their ideal clients through our training sessions and coaching conversations.”

-Leke Ademo (Lead Consultant)

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Coaching Packages

Personal Brand Strategy Session

This is a one-on-one strategy session to boost your personal brand. We would sit down with you while training and coaching you to achieve your set goal.

team building strategy session

We love teams because they show us that there is strength in diversity and individuality in ‘collectivity’. Our team sessions inspire high-level collaboration results.

Corporate Organization Session

Big organisations always show the template for smaller organisations to model. We love having  e-business sessions for members of staff of big firms.